Two live ones

Here are two live videos from the other night at The Sock Hop!  Thanks to Ryan P. James for filming and Vincent Nasserbakht for hosting me.  “Play it as it Lays” is a new song.  “Day for Night” is a song from my latest record Noise of Welcome.  The album version features a full band, here it is bare bones style. “PLAY IT AS IT LAYS” “DAY FOR NIGHT”

Live at The Sock Hop!

Always wanted to play a sock hop… looks like now I am.  Tomorrow night, that’s Friday folks I will be playing a free concert inside my friend’s sock store in NYC.  There will be drinks, socks and me playing songs. The Sock Hop 248 Elizabeth St. New York City 8pm

Snapshots from Across the Pond

So here they are… the best photos taken in Europe.  Thanks to all who made this trip possible and especially thanks to everyone at the shows!

…back from the by and by

Hello out there, this is Zachary Cale.  It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been back from the road, think I’ve finally adjusted to being back in New York City.  I had a fantastic trip playing shows all across Europe, met some great people and learned a lot about being a living breathing troubadour.  I’ll share some choice photos from my travels on here soon.  (The one included here is from Brussels!) It’s late autumn now (my favorite time of year) and it looks like it’s back to work for me.  I got a lot in the cutting room, the most exciting being a new record!  If all goes to plan I’ll have the songs done by Christmas.  Yep, winter is on the way and I’m already half way into hibernation mode… but I’ll be sending out transmissions when I can, so look in on me sometime.