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Love Everlasting 7″ on Dull Knife Records

I am excited to announce the release of a new 7″ single on Houston, TX. based label Dull Knife Records!  This two song single  is part of the label’s ongoing 7″ songwriter series.  It features the songs “Love Everlasting” and “Hallelujah Kid” and is limited to 300 copies.

For these songs I let my power pop and rock influences come to the fore.  It must have been from jamming all those Nick Lowe and Dwight Twilley records!  “Love Everlasting” is a slow burner that’s been showing up in live sets with The Rain Band for the past year including last year’s Daytrotter session.  It was recorded at the All Hands House with contributions from Uriah Theriault, Phil Glauberzon, Michael Flis, and Ryan Johnson.  “Hallelujah Kid” is a folk rock song that starts out mellow but eventually morphs into a roller rink anthem.