Live at Ding Dong Lounge Saturday August 25th!

I’m playing one last local show before I head out the UK next week! This one should be interesting as I haven’t played a proper show in Manhattan in over a year! What with all the great venues closing down I can’t seem to find any worthwhile gigs on that side of the river. Luckily there still remain a few places holding it down in the dark tucked away spots of the big apple. I feel honored to be sharing the stage with Gary Higgins whose Red Hash LP was on constant rotation for me back when I first came across it back in 2004. Also on the bill is the Ed Askew, who I can’t praise enough.  Hope to see you! Zachary Cale – 9pm Gary Higgins – 10pm Ed Askew – 11pm Legends of Neglect – 12 am

Live at Helsinki Friday August 10th

I’ll be playing with some good friends in Hudson, NY tomorrow night as part of the Hudson Music Festival.  It’s my first time playing at Helsinki.  Hopefully the first of many!  Show starts at 8pm with a duo set by Alexander Turnquist and Otto Hauser.  Trummors will be on second, supporting their just released debut LP Over and Around the Clove on Ernest Jenning Recording Co.  I’ll be closing the night with a solo set.