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‘Duskland’ out now! Recent press and US Tour Dates


Hey all. It’s been just about a week since the new album came out. Just wanted to say thanks for all your support and kind words thus far. Lots of new press has rolled in, all of it great! If you’re still looking to buy the record please visit No Quarter, SC Distribution, Rough Trade in Europe, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, or a local record shop near you! Here’s what some have said about Duskland so far!

He sits just far enough away from you. He’s close enough to draw your attention, but far enough away to make you lean forward and follow him.”  -PITCHFORK   read more…

“On his first record for No Quarter, Cale gives his finest performance to date, utilizing the whole of the studio and the weight of big, multi-instrumental arrangements in a sterling effort that fully realizes his ambitions against his craft. He’s got a way of magnifying even his most minute movements into statements of humble grandeur, and on Duskland we hear nothing but moments of heart-swelling beauty, the sound of a man who’s been holding the world in his pocket and is beaming too hard to hide it anymore.”  -OTHER MUSIC   read more…

“it’s apparent Cale understands the creative fertility to be found in a growing songbook, a guitar or three, and a responsive band. Duskland benefits from lucidity of vision; it’s a refreshing LP finding Zachary Cale in brilliant form.” -THE VINYL DISTRICT   read more…

“Duskland plunges deeper into the drones and atmospheres that Cale began to hazard in 2013’s Blue Rider, layering a fog of mood and resonance over finger-picked architecture. The album, recorded with a full band, works on a larger, slower scale than his previous outing. It is less restless and rhythm-bound, more monumental and serene than Blue Rider.” -DUSTED MAGAZINE   read more…

“These songs can fill up space or carve it out, but either way Duskland marks another evolution in Cale’s sound, another shift in textures and sonic landscape that reflects the unique themes and beauties of this record. These songs are bittersweet, haunting yet hopeful, and endlessly listenable.  Duskland is Cale’s golden hour.”  -POP MATTERS   read more…

“His work rolls out of him, sounding as effortless as it surely isn’t. Reviews of Blue Rider pointed out that that finger-picked guitar you hear that sounds like three people working. Well, that’s just him. Zach’s stage persona is humble; his abilities are not.”  -NYC TAPER   read more…

“Inspired largely by American myths and folklore, Cale aims to transport listeners to a sparse landscape throughout the duration of the album. To do this, Cale’s guitar is pared down and he lyrically explores human nature and growth, often looking toward other’s experiences, instead of his own.”  -INTERVIEW MAGAZINE  read more…

Duskland is Cale’s twilight, an album of fleeting, thorny significance.”  -STEREOGUM  read more…

On top of that we got a US tour coming up in two weeks. Check out the dates to see if we’re rolling through your town. We got a nice set of songs to play for you and we’re itching it to lay ’em on you!


8/27 – The 13th Floor Lounge – Florence, MA
8/28 – Baby’s All Right – Brooklyn, NY
8/29 – Ortlieb’s Lounge – Philadelphia, PA
8/30 – The Crown – Baltimore, MD
8/31 – Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
9/1 – The Mothlight – Asheville, NC
9/2 – The Stone Fox – Nashville, TN
9/3 – Nachbar – Louisville, KY
9/4 – The Spot – Lafayette, IN
9/5 – Obervatory Studios – Chicago, IL
9/6 – Trinosophies – Detroit, MI
9/7 – Handlebar – Toronto, ON
9/8 – The Revue House Show – Ottawa, ON
9/9 – La Vitrola – Montreal, QC

See you on the road!