Pitchfork track review!

Pitchfork premiered my song “Wayward Son” last week. It sure was a nice thing to wake up to. Thanks to everyone for playing and sharing it! I just approved the test pressings, so Pre-Orders will be up as early as next week! Save the date: September 24th is Blue Rider release day!

Live from the Ore Mountains Bootleg

Hello out there!  Zachary Cale here writing from the wintery white skies of Gotham.  Gonna interrupt my holiday hibernation with a little news item.  While on my recent European tour I stopped over in the Ore Mountains in the East German town of Schwarzenberg.  I had a day off originally but at the last minute my good friend Marcus Obst organized a concert at The Galerie Rademann.  It was late October (not even Halloween yet) but it was already snowing in the mountains.  The performance took place in a small room situated in the storefront of the gallery.  I proceeded to play a two hour set (21 songs) to the 30 or so locals packed in there.  Marcus captured the whole thing (warts and all) on a small hand held digital recorder.  You’ll have to forgive the fidelity of the recording, it is quite primitive, but I think it’s a nice document of my solo show for that tour.  On it you’ll find songs spanning throughout all my records (including the Illuminations LP) as well as a couple new and unreleased tunes. You can download the entire set in your choice of FLAC or high quality MP3 from the Dying […]

Love Everlasting 7″ on Dull Knife Records

I am excited to announce the release of a new 7″ single on Houston, TX. based label Dull Knife Records!  This two song single  is part of the label’s ongoing 7″ songwriter series.  It features the songs “Love Everlasting” and “Hallelujah Kid” and is limited to 300 copies. For these songs I let my power pop and rock influences come to the fore.  It must have been from jamming all those Nick Lowe and Dwight Twilley records!  “Love Everlasting” is a slow burner that’s been showing up in live sets with The Rain Band for the past year including last year’s Daytrotter session.  It was recorded at the All Hands House with contributions from Uriah Theriault, Phil Glauberzon, Michael Flis, and Ryan Johnson.  “Hallelujah Kid” is a folk rock song that starts out mellow but eventually morphs into a roller rink anthem. https://zacharycale.bandcamp.com/album/love-everlasting-7

NATCH 5 – Zachary Cale, Ethan Schmid & Mighty Moon

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPXOLQlNZOQ&w=560&h=315] Last April I was invited by chief engineer of BLACK DIRT STUDIO, Jason Meagher (No Neck Blues Band, Coach Fingers) to take part in a new collaborative recording project called NATCH.  The idea of the project is to bring two different sounding bands/artists to Black Dirt’s upstate NY studio and record a couple tracks together.  Jason paired me with the Brooklyn dream folk duo MIGHTY MOON, comprised of members Leah Evans and Jay Giampietro.  I asked my good pal and RAIN BAND drummer Ethan Schmid to tag along to add his percussion and banjo skills. We ended up recording two songs and two instrumentals with each musician playing a role on each track.  My contributions are “Love in Vain” and “Memory Loss”, while Mighty Moon contributed “Worlds Away” and “Trees Don’t Sleep”.  It was amazing how fast these came together. Feel free to share the mp3’s from the soundcloud links below, and don’t forget to download the whole session from WFMU’s FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE at the bottom of this post. – [soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/48008647″ iframe=”true” /] “Love in Vain” was written by the near mythical figure, Robert Johnson.  I’ve been playing my own warped version of his classic for […]