zachary-cale_coverBLUE RIDER– 12″/CD/Digital

All Hands Electric (2013)

Often cited by critics and peers alike as a songwriter’s songwriter, Zachary Cale has been quietly constructing a catalog for nearly a decade, one which showcases mastery and a unique voice across folk ballads, guitar instrumentals, and country-tinged rock.

On his 4th release, Blue Rider, Cale’s songs are marked with his signature finger-style guitar playing and lyrical command. Abandoned are the full-band arrangements of his previous album, 2011′s Noise of Welcome, for a minimalist approach that illuminates his strengths as a solo performer. Blending the echoed open-tuned guitar patterns of artists like John Martyn and Bert Jansch with the desolate American lyricism of lone riders like Simon Joyner and Elliott Smith, Cale continues to stand out as a songwriter of uncommon power.


Dull Knife Single300


Dull Knife (2012)

Two song 7″ single by Zachary Cale featuring the songs “Love Everlasting” and “Hallelujah Kid”. Released by Dull Knife, June 2012.

Part of the ongoing limited edition 7″ songwriter series curated by Dull Knife. Limited edition of 300 numbered copies with one of three photographs adhered to the back.

All songs by Zachary Cale.
Recorded by Ryan Johnson and Jonathan Byerley at The All Hands House January 2012. Mixed by Matt Boynton at Vacation Island. Mastered by Carl Saff.



All Hands Electric (2011)

“Noise of Welcome” is a collection of songs that is distinctly modern in tone and substance.  Moving from acoustic ballads and oddly tuned instrumentals, to electrified country and Kinksian pop, the album projects a kind of psych/folk/rock hybrid, recalling the genre shifts of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” or Big Star’s “Sisters Lovers”.  Featuring performances by members of Cale’s former ensemble, Illuminations, and guest spots by Chris Brokaw, D. Charles Speer, Anni Rossi, and others, Cale’s signature finger-picking technique is reinforced with grander orchestral movements and a full backing band which helps to illuminate the brilliance of his craft.


COME QUIETLY b/w THE WEDDING PARTY – 7″ single/Digital

All Hands Electric (2010)

Culled from the archive of unreleased songs by Zachary Cale comes two unearthed gems, available for the first time through All Hands Electric.  Recorded during the interim of his second LP “Walking Papers” and his band Illuminations’ “See-Saw” LP, these two songs were originally cut as demos.  “Come Quietly” is a field recording from the modern age, complete with chirping birds and the groan of passing cars.  “The Wedding Party” is a stream of consciousness ode to love with lyrical images floating by like faces in train windows.  The rush of images and the giddy, pulse-like rhythm makes “The Wedding Party” another classic in Zachary Cale’s growing canon of songs.



All Hands Electric (2008)

The debut album by Illuminations, featuring the vocals and guitar of Zachary Cale and backed by long time friends Kris Benedict, Ryan Johnson and Phil Glauberzon, “See-Saw” falls into what Gram Parsons called “cosmic American music”.  Accordingly, it lies somewhere between the country-soul of Big Star and the punk spirit of The Wipers.  It was recorded and produced by the band in their basement on an 8 track reel-to-reel machine.  The end result is an enigmatic album that is both familiar and foreign; one that wears the suit of American rock & roll, but broadcasts anthems from another universe.



All Hands Electric (2008)

“Walking Papers”, the sophomore album by Zachary Cale, marks the artist’s leap from a four-track-bedroom-folkie to a songwriter of visionary scope.  Recorded by Kevin Mcmahon in the legendary Bearsville Sound Studios in 2005 “Walking Papers” moves away from the lo-fi intimacy of Cale’s first album with bigger production values and accompaniment by an array of musicians.  Evoking the austere finger-style guitar work of John Fahey and the poetic couplets of Townes Van Zandt the album exhibits a genuine craft of American tradition; the songs are bona fide gems with every note and lyrical phrase informed by a quiet beauty, both familiar and timeless.



New World of Sound (2005)

“Outlander Sessions is a personal statement about distance, isolation and alienation brought on by love, and the transition from rock guitarist to solo acoustic performer.  Zachary Cale was previously a member of several short lived Olympia college bands inspired by Dead Moon, Unwound and Pere Ubu.  Upon his arrival to Harlem NYC in 2002 and affected by the tune-smithery of Peter Laughner, Tim Hardin and Townes Van Zandt, recorded this LP of ballads, Highway 61 rockers, and finger-picked instrumentals.”  -New World of Sound